PowerStream Technology: innovation in charging!

PowerStream Technology is the result of a special Telwin development in SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) inverter technology applied to the Automotive world and, more specifically, applied to charging and maintaining the batteries of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries, buses, heavy machinery, boats, motorboats, etc.

This technology is applied to devices such as Doctor Charge and Pulse, which are one-step beyond conventional battery chargers, taking them closer to improved process efficiency with battery charging and extended battery life.

Doctor Charge and Pulse benefit, on the one hand, from the advantages of the SMPS inverter solution (notably smaller sizetherefore smaller bulk, giving improved transportability and positioning, less weight because the "traditional" transformer is no longer present), and on the other hand by impressive performances of PowerStream technology under the energy aspect. 


A fundamental point of PowerStream technology is, in fact, its improved efficiency in transferring energy to the battery when compared to traditional battery chargers, from the power supply to the batteries. In this framework even the important decrease in energy loss caused by heat dissipation of the components caused by them overheating is also important. This aspect becomes particularly interesting when you compare the consumption, namely the power absorption from the electrical network, of traditional devices (much higher) with the lower consumption of devices that use PowerStream technology and being supplied with the same power while charging. This turns into a considerable reduction in energy costs, which is obviously advantageous for those who use these products. 


The ability of the electronics to monitor, and if necessary instantly and automatically regulate correct operation while the energy is being transferred to the battery, protecting operation at all times, can be added to the previously indicated advantages. The main benefits are that charging becomes faster and batteries become longer lasting.