Design and ergonomics at your fingertips

All the Doctor Charge and Pulse models have been designed to be professional work tools that are easy to carry, light and ergonomic, and which blend practicality with usability.

Holding them in your hand while selecting the charge settings or while you check the conditions of a battery is very natural. In the same way, if you lay them down or have them stand on one side (under a displayed vehicle in a showroom), they occupy little space and do not disturb any intervention being carried out.


Their compact shape and reduced weight also make them easier to hang thanks to a special wall support, fixed to a vehicle lift or directly to the wall, and from which they can be removed and brought closer to the battery when necessary.



Advanced technology and captivating design: these are the two distinctive elements of the new Doctor Charge and Pulse ranges. Because performance, functionality and design are solidly connected with the creation of Telwin products; functionality that guarantees high performance levels also thanks to elements such as intuition and manageability.